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Apricot Puppies

The Anzu Masaki x Katsuya Jounouchi Community

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Welcome to Apricot Puppies, a Jounouchi/Anzu Community. This community promotes the pairing of Jounouchi/Anzu in any way, shape, or form. May they just be really good friends, or lovers; it doesn't matter. Though we do have a few rules:

1) No flaming. You don't like the pairing. Sorry. Nothing I can do about it, other than say please leave. Flaming will get you banned from the community.

2) Please rate the content of your fiction/art/etc appropriatly. If it's NC-17, then friends lock it, and place it under a cut. But all things must be rated, just for precautions.

3) If you have large pictures or fanfiction, place it under cuts. If you don't know how, H.E.R.E. is a tutorial on how to do it.

4) Off-topic posts are fine, as long as they are confined to yuugiou het, yuugiou, seiyuus, and the likes. No asking for MP3's or Episodes.

5) NO PLAGERISM! This is a giant NO-NO! If you do post another persons work, please make sure you have permission before doing so. I can not stress this enough!

6) Promoting your communities is OKAY, as long as they are yuugiou centric.

Fanfiction Guidelines:

Fanfiction - Title:
Pairings (if there is another beside Anzu/Jounouchi):

Fanart should have most of the same guidelines, with the exception of status and pairings. Notes, of course, are optional.